Inproa SDL hides your data from hackers,
making it impossible to steal

Introducing Secure Data Layer with Windows!


Inproa SDL hides your data from hackers, making it impossible to steal

Feel completely safe online

Shop, stream, and surf securely with the world’s most robust cybersecurity solution

Protect your
family photos
from malware

Protect your photos, videos, or anything that’s of value to you, in our Secure Windows.

everything you care about

With Secure Data Layer you don’t have to worry about hackers stealing your data.


In case your computer breaks down you can always restore it to working order with our restore function.


Files stored on the Secure Machine are impossible to access from the outside, you can’t even see the partition.


With virtualization, we create an unbreakable barrier between you and the hackers. Nothing gets out.


SDL only allows pre-approved and registered USB devices. This feature minimizes the risk of inadvertently infecting your computer.

This is the of data protection!

Keep your data safe from hackers!

Files stored on the Secure machine are invisible to anyone but the user, since the machine has no internet access, they are impossible to find for hackers or malware.

Kick out any virus or malware

If you get infected with malicious code, you can easily restore your system to its original state, completely removing the infection. This works for any type of virus or malware that makes changes to your operating system.

Cybersecurity statistics

0 %
Increase every year
malicious apps blocked every day
0 %
of attacks are on small businesse

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Secure OS

3.5 billion users worldwide

Highest ratings

Against other solutions

Not hackable

No internet, no hackers

Secure Data Layer is the latest evolution in data protection, all my confidential information is safely locked away on the Secure Windows.

– Henrik

Inproa SDL provides excellent, top-notch security for both my computers. Not a single virus has ever gotten through thanks to SDL!

– Sarah

I cannot rely just on Microsoft’s protection because I have important data on my PC and accounting information of my company. SDL makes me feel more secure.

– Peter

Never get hacked again with Inproa Secure Data Layer