We research R&D and Patent Development for Cyberspace Border Control Technology

Klaus Drosch, the CEO of Inproahst

Klaus Drosch is the founder of InproaHST and also owns the patent of InproaHST Technology. The majority of our staff here are from an engineering background. We are dedicated to the implementation of breakthrough ideas and it’s production.

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“Stop the thieves with a revolutionary data security patent”
1-page article sent out as a appendix with the daily newspaper SvD.

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InproaHST Secure Data Layer (SDL) software has reached a milestone in its development and is currently out of the prototype stage. Our latest version is a stable, fully functional, and secure working environment with Windows 10 as the guest operating system.


We are currently promoting InproaHST technology in various industry areas. It’s our pleasure to spread our achievement to the public. There are no limits for possible cooperation.


If you are impressed by our technology and want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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