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SDL splits the user’s computers into two virtual machines and additional partitions for system and backup, therefore it’s important to have one large harddrive installed before installing SDL.

Minimum: 256 GB HDD
Recommended: 512 GB M2 SSD

  • One drive
    The SDL system uses one physical hard drive to set up the entire system, on different partitions. This means only one hard drive is available internally, and this is required by our security and backup features. Any additional storage has to be added by external USB drives.

  • Speed
    The SDL system should be installed on an SSD-drive and not an older HDD-drive (spinner disk), though it will work it’s going to be slow. The best choice would be an M2 SSD-drive since this is the fastest standard on the market.

  • Size
    The complete SDL-system with the Guest Machines requires about 120 GB, so the absolute minimum size is 256 GB. We do recommend a 512 GB drive or larger as the system is split into many parts, a 2TB drive is optimal since it gives the user room to grow on.

Calculation example:
Joe has a laptop with 512 GB hard drive space, he wants to install SDL.
Core System: 120 GB – 512 GB = 392 GB
Open & Secure: 392 GB / 2 = 196 GB per Machine (Open/Secure)

In this example, Joe has 196 GB left on Open and 196 GB left on Secure for his personal files.